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As Summer Approaches, It Might Be Time to Consider Peak Navigation for Your Teen

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The Chaos of the School Year Is Coming to a Close

During the school year, it can feel like your family is just barely hanging on. Everyone is so busy all of the time. The adults have their jobs while the adolescents have homework and activities ranging from band performances and football games to debate tournaments and school dances. And of course, the school would love for the adults to volunteer to make all of the events happen—above and beyond simply attending the activities to support their children.

It can all be overwhelming. The family schedule is so jam-packed, you hardly have time to slow down for even a moment—even to take stock of your child’s mental well-being.

But the summertime offers a chance to catch your breath. That might make it the perfect time to address any mental health difficulties your child may be struggling with. And Peak View Behavioral Health may have the perfect program to help.

Let’s take a closer look at Peak Navigation, our program specifically designed for adolescents.

Helping Young People with Behavioral Health Conditions

The Peak Navigation program offers support for adolescents struggling with mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, trauma-based disorders, and other issues. Peak View’s experienced and compassionate staff helps teenagers work through difficult emotions, social challenges, past trauma, and a range of other stressors.

The program is person-centered—that is, it focuses on the individual rather than on the condition in question—and uses evidence-based practices and a holistic approach. That means that the social, emotional, and physical development of teenagers is factored into the approach to treatment.

Teens are offered the opportunity to learn important life skills and coping strategies, including problem-solving, distress tolerance, boundary-setting, ways to address depression and anxiety, and alternatives to self-harm practices that some adolescents turn to.

Two Approaches to the Peak Navigation Program

For some teens, an intensive outpatient program might be the appropriate approach to addressing issues they may be dealing with. The intensive outpatient program (commonly abbreviated IOP) is a half-day program that seeks to enhance coping skills while providing therapeutic interventions that are specific to the needs of teenagers.

Other young people may benefit from Peak View’s partial hospitalization program (often abbreviated PHP). This approach is a full-day program that is offered Monday through Friday. PHP is built around structured treatment that includes therapy and participation in skill-building groups. Additionally, the partial hospitalization program offers medication management services as well as weekly interaction with a psychiatrist.

Benefits & Resources Can Extend to Whole Families

Peak Navigation offers optional family support sessions because we recognize that behavioral health conditions have impacts that extend well beyond the teenager in question. We want to help whole families make progress toward mental wellness, which can include learning strategies that provide strong, ongoing support for the young person in their lives.

Taking Advantage of the Summer Can Pay Dividends in the Fall

Getting your adolescent the help they need now can set them up for success when school resumes in the fall—and well beyond.

That said, it is possible that your child might benefit from the Peak Navigation program during the school year—that oh-so-busy period we talked about at the beginning of this blog entry. The good news is that we can help make that manageable if the need arises.

Our dedicated educational liaison can help your family communicate and collaborate with school counselors to help reduce the stress inherent in seeking treatment for your teen during the school year. We are prepared to partner with you to ensure that absences are excused, missed school work is collected for completion, and that your student’s reentry is handled appropriately.

Still and all, many of those complications can be avoided by taking advantage of Peak Navigation programs over the summer months when the challenges of the school year are not in play.

If You Are Ready to Get Started, We Are Ready to Help

If there is a child in your life between the ages of 12 and 17 who needs mental health support, the Peak Navigation program may be just what you are looking for. We understand that finding help for your child can be a stressful and difficult experience, so at Peak View Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to offering evidence-based, compassionate care that can improve your teen’s quality of life. And we are equally dedicated to making sure you have the resources and support you need so that the process is helpful rather than overwhelming for your family.

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