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Veterans & Military
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“Thank you for your service.” Speaking those words to a person who has served in the military is a respectful, patriotic thing to do. Vets who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms are, of course, entitled to our ongoing thanks. Taking the opportunity to express your appreciation is always an appropriate...
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female soldier at cemetery filled with large American flags - mental health for vets
Mental Health for Vets We all know that the people who put on the uniforms of the various branches of the United States military face many dangers. It is easy to think of those dangers as primarily physical. After all, in combat situations, service members face weapons that are designed to do them physical harm—to...
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group session with veterans - Tactical Recovery
Life in the military and life as a civilian are very different—and the transition from the former to the latter can be extremely difficult. Those who have not served cannot truly understand what members of the military experience—particularly if their service has included combat or other traumatic situations. For many veterans, the combination of traumatic...
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