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Unpacking Peak View Behavioral Health’s Mission and Values

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Choosing where to seek treatment for mental health disorders, substance use disorders, or a combination of the two is an important decision. It can be a challenging one, too. There is a whole range of issues to be considered—from payment options to whether or not the facility is committed to a continuum of care. These issues and several more are all important to consider, whether you are seeking help for yourself or for a loved one.

The Importance of Values

For our purposes here, we are going to focus on just one of these issues: the importance of an alignment of values between the person seeking treatment and the center providing that treatment.

Let’s take a look at Peak View Behavioral Health’s mission and values to see if they are a match for ideas that are important to you.

Our Mission: Improve the Lives We Touch

Mission statements are often long and complicated. Some try to explain absolutely everything a business might be trying to achieve. Others seem to explain absolutely nothing at all. Some mission statements even contain embarrassing errors.

At Peak View Behavioral Health, we kept our mission statement short and straightforward. Our primary purpose is to improve the lives we touch. Inside that simple idea, however, is a powerful guide for decision-making and innovation. If something does not contribute to improving the lives of those who come to us for help, it is not aligned with our mission. Our mission statement keeps us focused on what is important: your well-being.

Our Values: Six Pillars of Our Work

What a person or organization values determines a lot about them. That is certainly true of a treatment center, too. At Peak View Behavioral Health, our work is guided by six important values:

  • Honesty: We work with integrity and fairness. You can count on us to tell you the truth about challenges you face, options for therapy, and our best advice as we work together to personalize your treatment. A commitment to integrity defines our approach to everything we do.
  • Competence: We strive to be the best and hold ourselves accountable. Personal accountability is a key part of achieving and maintaining sobriety, so it is only fair to expect your treatment center to be committed to accountability as well. Equally importantly, we are committed to providing the best available care, and so we ensure that our staff has the training to do exactly that.
  • Perseverance: We meet challenges with the resolve to succeed. You have to persevere in your treatment and recovery, and we will strive alongside you. Your challenges are our challenges, and we will help you find a path to long-term sobriety.
  • Passion: We are passionate about what we do, each other, and who we serve. Our work can be a matter of life and death, so we approach our commitment with a sense of gravity even as we foster ease and encouragement.
  • Respect: We honor the human dignity of everyone we work with. One of the common obstacles to seeking treatment is a fear that you will encounter a judgmental environment. But you can be assured that we are here to help you—never to judge you.
  • Teamwork: We succeed, and have fun, by pulling together. We understand the value of everyone working toward the same goals with the same high level of enthusiasm. We also understand that teamwork may begin with the staff but extends to you when we work together to create the best possible treatment plan.

Do We Have Mission and Value Alignment?

We have given you a clear picture of the ideals underpinning our work. As you read them over and think about them, consider whether they resonate with you. If they do, Peak View Behavioral Health may be a great fit for you or your loved one when it comes time to seek treatment for depression, anxiety, other mental health disorders, and/or a substance use disorder.

Whether you are struggling with your mental health, your reliance on drugs or alcohol, or a combination of the two, all of us at Peak View Behavioral Health will treat you with respect, honor you with honesty, and give our all to addressing your specific needs. Together, we can find the treatment options that will best serve you as you seek to improve your life. We are always mission-ready, and we value the opportunity to serve.

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