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Families in Recovery

In this category, you can find Peak View Behavioral Health articles relating to families in recovery. Addiction is often considered a family disease, so recovery should include the entire family.

restoring trust in your relationship
Substance use disorders cause all sorts of damage in our lives. Some of that damage is, of course, to our own physical and mental health. But some of that damage is to others and our relationships with them. Important people in your life may be reluctant to reconnect with you—even after you have been through...
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friends, support, recovery, treatment, drug treatment, mental health
Take a moment to think about a friendship. We don’t necessarily mean your social media friends—though the word has come to be associated with a certain social media platform. We mean the people you call when you just want to hang out or when you need a favor or when you have something to celebrate...
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women, sisters, friends, family, holidays, gifts, christmas, holiday season, recovery, support
Are you a person who loves the winter holiday season? Perhaps you decorate your home—inside and out—with lights (maybe lots and lots of lights) and baubles and whatnots that remind you of wonderful times with family and friends. Maybe you love the big family meals during which everyone gathers around a huge table to dig...
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holidays, christmas, stress, stressed out, mental health, substance use
For many people, the last few months of the year are something to look forward to. Baseball fans get the playoffs and the World Series. Football fans can get their fill of professional and collegiate competition. Pumpkin spice is suddenly in everything imaginable. And a variety of holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more—give many people a...
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happy man reading book mindfulness
We have written before in this blog about the ways in which mindfulness practice can support your mental health. Staying present in the current moment helps us get the most out of life while also limiting the amount of time we spend ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness is about devoting...
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woman wings arts chalk painting addiction recovery
Sometimes when we hear someone talk about “the arts,” the images that pop to mind might include folks in formal dress gazing snootily at something highbrow. When we think about the arts in that way, they can seem really exclusive—only for the rich, the cultured, the well-connected. But the arts are all around us all...
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digital illustration of a woman coming out of a smart phone screen to hold an umbrella over a sad woman coming out of another smart phone screen - support for mental health disorders
Many people who struggle with mental health disorders feel a sense of shame or embarrassment. That is a natural result of the stigma that society has often attached to mental illness. Fortunately, that stigma is slowly but surely being met with common sense, respect, and kindness as more and more people recognize that mental health...
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cropped shot of upset teenage girl whose mom's hands are on her shoulders as she cries - child's mental health
The Overwhelming Nature of Life’s Decisions Sometimes you can know something with great certainty but still be wholly uncertain of how to proceed. Consider, for example, a job search. You may be absolutely certain that you are unhappy in your current position. Your boss might be difficult, your coworkers might be lazy, or your skills...
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troubled looking teenage girl sitting on a couch - Peak Navigation
The Chaos of the School Year Is Coming to a Close During the school year, it can feel like your family is just barely hanging on. Everyone is so busy all of the time. The adults have their jobs while the adolescents have homework and activities ranging from band performances and football games to debate...
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closeup of a jumbled stack of wooden alphabet letters - personalized care
A Blast from the Past If you happen to be a lover of music from bygone eras, you may be familiar with a couple of songs that have a somewhat unusual approach to their subjects. These songs involve more spelling than we usually expect in popular songs. Take, for example, “M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word That Means...
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