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Mental Health

On this page you will find a listing of all Peak View Behavioral Health blog articles in the mental health category.

young girl, worried, worry, anxiety, nervous, mental health
There is no shortage of things to worry about. Sometimes it can seem like the world is conspiring to keep us on edge all of the time. Maybe we have problems related to work, school, or our family. Maybe we’re concerned about political unrest and violence—close to home, across the country, or around the world....
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friends, bon fire, singing, group of friends, happy, mental health, mental wellness
Many, many factors contribute to an individual’s overall mental health. Issues from childhood can play a part. Heredity is often in play. Traumas experienced as an adult can reshape a person’s mental landscape. All in all, mental health is a quite complex topic that largely resists efforts to simplify it or explain it easily. That,...
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man, moving, boxes, meditate, meditation, mindfulness
If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you may have seen the episode in which Sheldon Cooper tries meditation as a strategy for overcoming stage fright. His friend Raj tries to guide him through a meditation session, but things quickly go awry. First, Sheldon is afraid Raj will punch him if he...
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happy couple, christmas, holidays, new year's, resolutions, mental health
A new year often gets us thinking about resolutions and setting new goals. The turn of the calendar feels like a new beginning—and new beginnings feel inspiring. In those first few days of a new year, it can seem like most anything is possible, and so we indulge our imaginations thinking up things we could...
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holidays, christmas, stress, stressed out, mental health, substance use
For many people, the last few months of the year are something to look forward to. Baseball fans get the playoffs and the World Series. Football fans can get their fill of professional and collegiate competition. Pumpkin spice is suddenly in everything imaginable. And a variety of holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more—give many people a...
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girl in mirror, sad, reflection, bully, critic, mental health
Sometimes it can seem as though everyone you know is eager to criticize you. Maybe your boss didn’t like the way in which you completed the last project you were assigned. Maybe your spouse is unhappy with how long it has taken you to get something done around the house. Maybe your kids are upset...
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man reading book mental health
Maintaining good mental health—like maintaining good physical health—is an ongoing activity. Sometimes it can be helpful to do some reading, listening, or watching to remind you of key ideas related to mental health or to give you a new perspective on related issues. While we can hardly provide a comprehensive list of resources in the...
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happy man reading book mindfulness
We have written before in this blog about the ways in which mindfulness practice can support your mental health. Staying present in the current moment helps us get the most out of life while also limiting the amount of time we spend ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness is about devoting...
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woman distracted mental health recovery executive function
Think about the person who is in charge of your workplace. Not necessarily your immediate supervisor or someone in middle management, but the individual who is everybody’s boss. Often this person is called something like “chief executive officer” or “executive director.” The word “executive” in someone’s title generally indicates that they are in charge. Now...
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woman wings arts chalk painting addiction recovery
Sometimes when we hear someone talk about “the arts,” the images that pop to mind might include folks in formal dress gazing snootily at something highbrow. When we think about the arts in that way, they can seem really exclusive—only for the rich, the cultured, the well-connected. But the arts are all around us all...
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