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Mental Health

On this page you will find a listing of all Peak View Behavioral Health blog articles in the mental health category.

There are, of course, many ways to support your mental health. Often, we pick a few things that we know will provide a boost to our ongoing mental wellness, and we commit to them. You stick with an exercise program. You cut down on sugar and caffeine and add some healthier foods to your diet....
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pretty young woman with dark hair sitting in a chair listening to music on headphones - music
What is your favorite song right now? The odds are pretty good that a song you really love popped into your head as soon as you read the question. You might even have started humming or singing it. If it is an upbeat song, maybe you are dancing a bit in your chair. In fact,...
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pretty woman browsing through a book in a bookstore - mental health memoirs
If you are struggling with a mental health disorder, there may be times when it feels like absolutely no one understands what you are going through. Maybe people have suggested to you that your depression or your anxiety is “all in your head.” Perhaps some people have told you that if you had more faith...
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cropped shot - lower portion of a person walking for exercise and holding a drink - exercise and mental health
When we think about the many reasons it is a good idea to get some exercise, we tend to focus on the benefits to our physical health. What We Already Know We know, for example, that exercise makes us stronger. We know it increases our endurance so that we can play our favorite sport for...
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man sitting up in bed looking very depressed - dysthymia
We all feel sad from time to time. And depending on the cause of the sadness, we might feel the emotion for a short period or for quite a while. Sadness may also subside and return from time to time. Because we tend to be a little imprecise in our language use, we sometimes use...
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woman slumped to the floor against a wall with her hands in her hair - panic disorder
Panic Attacks Most of us have had the experience at one time or another. Everything is going along fine, and suddenly a wave of panic seems to wash over us and makes us feel like we are drowning in a bottomless pool of stress and anxiety. The trigger can be anything. Or nothing at all....
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dark haired young woman in subway station having anxiety attack - generalized anxiety disorder
The word “general” can be kind of confusing. We have a good sense of what it means when used in a military context: a general is a high-ranking officer with lots of power and responsibility. But in other contexts, the word is a little vague. What, for example, do we mean when we say “generally...
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painting of two silhouettes of people sitting back to back in chairs - Bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder is a challenging diagnosis to understand and even more difficult to live with. People who have this diagnosis often struggle to manage their symptoms and may act in ways that push away the people around them. Onset Timing Can Be Challenging An added challenge of this diagnosis is that onset often occurs in...
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senior woman in very dark room looking out window - major depression
Depression: What Is It? In everyday conversation, people tend to toss around the word “depression” fairly freely. This isn’t too problematic most of the time, but it is important to remember that “depressed” is not just another word for “sad.” Instead, depression is a category of mental health disorder—and that category includes a range of...
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beautiful smiling woman of mixed ethnicity outdoors in a park - physical and mental health
When we are struggling, we can feel hopeless. It can seem like everything is going wrong and there is no way out. For folks who are dealing with a mental health disorder—depression, anxiety, any trauma-based disorder, etc.—this sense of hopelessness can be completely overwhelming. Feeling Overwhelmed Sometimes we feel overwhelmed because we want everything to...
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