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On this page you will find a listing of all Peak View Behavioral Health blog articles in the recovery category.

Balanced Recovery Program
A substance use disorder certainly knocks your life out of balance. Everything that has been important to you—all your goals, hopes, and plans—is suddenly upended by drugs or alcohol. It can feel as though you will never be able to find your way back to your old life. In fact, it may feel like your...
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woman distracted mental health recovery executive function
Think about the person who is in charge of your workplace. Not necessarily your immediate supervisor or someone in middle management, but the individual who is everybody’s boss. Often this person is called something like “chief executive officer” or “executive director.” The word “executive” in someone’s title generally indicates that they are in charge. Now...
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woman wings arts chalk painting addiction recovery
Sometimes when we hear someone talk about “the arts,” the images that pop to mind might include folks in formal dress gazing snootily at something highbrow. When we think about the arts in that way, they can seem really exclusive—only for the rich, the cultured, the well-connected. But the arts are all around us all...
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digital illustration of two human heads and a man is coming out of one to water the other - growth mindset
Have you heard the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset”? They are in the air quite a bit these days. To be honest, both phrases sound like the worst kind of corporate jargon. “Well, boss, if we shift from our outdated fixed mindset approach to leveraging a best practice by making a growth mindset a...
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handsome brunette bearded young man sitting cross-legged on his bed while writing in a journal - keeping a journal
Imagine you are back in high school. Your English teacher has just revealed the next assignment: a five-paragraph essay on the book you most recently read in class (you read the book, right?). How do you feel about this assignment? Are you excited by the prospect of putting your thoughts down on paper? Are you...
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closeup of a jumbled stack of wooden alphabet letters - personalized care
A Blast from the Past If you happen to be a lover of music from bygone eras, you may be familiar with a couple of songs that have a somewhat unusual approach to their subjects. These songs involve more spelling than we usually expect in popular songs. Take, for example, “M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word That Means...
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silhouette of a woman fishing during bright orange sunset - relaxation
Relaxation Is Important to Your Mental Health Have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t yuck my yum”? It’s a catchy bit of wordplay that has a simple meaning: Don’t tell me all the reasons you think I shouldn’t like this thing that I like. We all know people who love to yuck other people’s yum,...
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pretty woman holding up three fingers against a light gray background - mental well-being
Mental Health Support Is Not Limited to Therapy & Medication It is easy to fall into the habit of thinking of mental health care as just two things: going to therapy and taking medication. Maybe you do one of those things or maybe you do both, but either way, we tend to focus on therapy...
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young woman sitting on couch in therapist's waiting room; there is a dog in the room with her - animal therapy
The word “therapy” is often used as a catch-all term. While we tend to recognize a few broad categories of therapy—physical vs. mental health or individual vs. group—we don’t always realize there are many different approaches within the category of mental health therapy. In our mind’s eye, we conjure up the clichéd couch, the serious...
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