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Don’t Wait – Get Help for Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders Now

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If you are struggling with substance use and mental health disorders during this public health emergency, you may feel trapped. You may feel trapped in your home. You may feel trapped in an endless string of online meetings. You may feel trapped in a job that makes you feel unsafe at this time.

Feeling Boxed In

And you may feel trapped by your relationship with drugs or alcohol. Or you may feel trapped by a mental health disorder like anxiety, depression, and more. Worst case, you may feel trapped by both—co-occurring disorders that are threatening your wellbeing right now. Given all the restrictions currently impacting our day to day activities, it may feel like there is absolutely no way out of these traps.

We have good news. You do not have to feel trapped by substance use and mental health disorders. Help is available right now in a variety of forms, including telehealth. Even in this moment, Peak View Behavioral Health is prepared to help you work toward sobriety and/or manage your mental health.

Here are some options to help you move beyond that trapped feeling and toward wellbeing.

We Offer Telehealth Options for Treatment

For outpatients, Peak View Behavioral Health is currently offering telehealth support services, allowing you to get the benefits of outpatient care in a robust and safe way. This is a great option, especially for those at particular risk for COVID-19. You can connect with one of our specialists to learn more by calling 719-444-8484.

We Offer Online Services to Address Anxiety and Depression

If you need help dealing with mental health issues—including depression and anxiety, both of which may be worsening during this crisis—we can help you with online therapy options.

Mental Health Treatment Is Available Even if You Have May Have COVID-19

We now have a dedicated unit for providing mental health care to adult and medically stable older adults who are presumptively COVID-19 positive. All necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of staff and patients have been implemented and patients are being accepted now. This dedicated unit provides medication management, therapy, vitals monitoring, additional medical oversight, and virtual family meetings. Patients will also receive infection control education and special instructions for self-quarantine upon discharge from Peak View Behavior Health’s facility.

Careful Screening Is in Place for Other Inpatient Admissions

If you have not been exposed to COVID-19, you may be able to seek treatment at Peak View Behavioral Health. You will be screened upon admission and our staff will keep in contact with your family in case anyone you have been in contact with falls ill. We have rigorous standards for cleanliness and sanitation of all areas of the facility. We are, in keeping with recommendations, encouraging all staff and patients to wash their hands frequently.

As part of our commitment to providing care even in these difficult circumstances, we are carefully monitoring and heeding the latest and most reliable recommendations regarding COVID-19. We are dedicated to minimizing the risk of infection for our staff and patients while we continue to help individuals make positive changes in their lives.

You Don’t Have to Feel Trapped. We Are Here to Help.

At Peak View Behavioral Health, we understand that this is a difficult time for many, many people for a variety of reasons. The restrictions in place due to the public health emergency are difficult for everyone—but perhaps especially so for those with substance use and mental health disorders. That fact makes it all the more important that you seek out the help you need. We are here to serve you and together we will find the best way to help you during this time. We may offer our services in a variety of ways, including telehealth, but one thing remains constant: with expertise, compassion, and personalized care, we will help you make positive, lasting changes that can improve your life.

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