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A Look at Who Peak View Behavioral Health Can Help

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In this entry, we want to share a list of the many people whose mental health we can support at Peak View Behavioral Health. 

The shortest version of that list would have a single entry: We can help anyone who is struggling with a mental health disorder, a substance use disorder, or both. 

Whether a person is dealing with an anxiety or panic disorder, one of the various kinds of depression, a disorder with its roots in trauma, or other disorders related to behavioral health or substance use, we can help.

We could leave it there, but we think there is some value in taking a closer look at who we can help—and how.

We Can Help You

Maybe you came to this blog today because you are considering getting some support for your mental health. If we do say so ourselves, you have come to the right place.

At Peak View Behavioral Health, we will listen to you intently and respectfully because we understand that no two mental health stories are identical. Then we will create a personalized approach to treatment grounded in our combination of expertise, experience, and empathy. We will help you work toward better mental health—and help you maintain those improvements going forward.

We Can Help Your Child

Pretty much every last aspect of being a parent comes with challenges. That might be especially true when you believe your child may be struggling with a mental health disorder. Even if you are absolutely certain that your child needs help, it can be oh-so-tempting to write off the problems they are experiencing as a phase. You might cling to the hope that whatever the issue might be, it will work itself out.

We understand the temptation to take a wait-and-see approach. But as we argued in a blog entry titled “Peak View Can Help You Navigate Uncertainty Around Your Child’s Mental Health Needs,” there is a better option:

The best starting point for determining what sort of mental health treatment might be appropriate for your child is a full assessment by a trained professional. At Peak View Behavioral Health, for example, we use a first assessment to gain a comprehensive sense of the challenges your child may be facing.

That assessment will include delving into the child’s personal and family medical history as well as exploring current issues in a child’s life, any and all symptoms of mental health disorders, and the child’s current level of crisis. With this information in hand, our team can create a personalized treatment plan.

That plan might include our Peak Navigation program.

We Can Help Your Family

A mental health disorder affects more than just the specific individual who is struggling. In fact, issues around mental health can have an impact on an entire family. That is why Peak View Behavioral Health is committed to providing family systems therapy, which we explored at length in a previous entry. We wrote in part:

[G]etting everyone on the same page is likely going to require some challenging conversations—maybe even some tense confrontations. That is why a trained therapist is a key component of the family systems therapy model. A family therapist will help all of the family members work together to discover better ways to support one another. The hope is that issues that are undermining trust and healthy relationships might be resolved. If someone in the family is dealing with a substance use disorder and/or a mental health disorder, family systems therapy can help the whole family unit work together to help the person in healthy and productive ways.

We Can Help the Veterans in Your Life

Those who have served our country often struggle to readjust to civilian life after their time in the military comes to an end. All too frequently, vets find themselves dealing with serious mental health issues. Also all too frequently, vets are often reluctant to seek help, in part because they may believe no one who hasn’t served can truly understand what they have gone—and are going—through.

That is why Peak View offers a program called Tactical Recovery that has been designed specifically for veterans. The program offers vets evidence-based treatment for mental health and substance use disorders—two challenges that are often entangled with one another.

It is always our great honor to help those who have served in our country’s military, and we are proud to provide care via the Tactical Recovery program.

The Only Person We Can’t Help is the One Who Doesn’t Reach Out

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health or substance use disorder, Peak View Behavioral Health in Colorado Springs stands ready to help. To get the process started, however, you or your loved one needs to take that first step and get in touch. Doing so will put you or your loved one on a path toward better mental health and a better quality of life.

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