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Finding Support Groups – Why, How, and Where to Get Started

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Any person impacted by addiction faces a life-changing, complex situation. But there’s no need to face it alone. With the help of professionals and local support groups, it’s possible to get the help you need to make it through the active addiction phase and onto a healthy future.

Why You Can’t Do It Alone

Why should you get help? After all, you feel like you could stop using if you wanted to. You don’t want to sit in a group and share your feelings. The problem is that while you continue to use drugs and alcohol, you continue to jeopardize your future.

And even if you think you can stop, you haven’t yet–and chances are that if you try to stop on your own, you won’t last for long. This is because addiction isn’t a choice: it’s a disease. You have a physical and emotional dependence on substances that must be addressed. Addiction treatment and counseling will help you uncover and address the causes of your substance use; it will provide a community of others in recovery who can offer support and accountability.

Why not get help and regain control over your life? Begin by reaching out to a trusted friend or family member, a counselor, or a local recovery organization. They can help you work out a plan to get better. They can help you find resources and encourage you to follow through.

Where Do You Get That Help?

If you are using drugs and alcohol right now, turn to a drug and alcohol treatment center that can provide you with one-on-one support during withdrawal. You may need drug detox or inpatient treatment. If your physical dependence isn’t as severe, outpatient treatment for addiction can be very helpful.

Once you receive treatment and obtain a level of stability, continue to see your therapist if at all possible. Work with a schedule that fits your needs and your goals. The best chance at long-term recovery without relapse comes from continued care.

Getting Support Locally

If you are local to us here in Colorado Springs, CO, our team can help you find the addiction support groups available to you. These groups are an excellent way of supplementing treatment. Even if you are not local, our team may be able to provide the support and mentorship that you need.

Alcoholics Anonymous

One of the most common treatment programs for those with alcohol use disorder is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA offers a number of benefits, and its services are free. You can find a local chapter to get started.

AA is designed to give you a safe place to talk. It also builds from the 12-step program, one that empowers you to stop using and to regain control over your life. You can engage as much or as little as you desire. If you are thinking about alcohol, heading to a meeting will give you the confidence you need to remain sober.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is one of the more well-recognized programs for people who have an addiction to drugs (prescription or illicit). NA also serves those with alcohol addiction. The only requirement is a desire to become and remain drug-free.

NA is an excellent tool because it allows you to talk about and work through difficulties with people other than family. It provides a community so that you don’t feel socially isolated.

Everyone involved helps each other by sharing their stories and holding each other accountable. There are local groups for NA throughout most areas.

Peak View Is Here to Help

When you come in to see our team at Peak View, we’ll provide you with guidance and support to help you find the right type of help, including local groups within your neighborhood.

While addiction treatment starts with professional care, having a local support network is well worth your time. It can be life-saving to many people, especially those feeling at risk for relapse. Don’t fall down that path. Get immediate help for your addiction today.

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