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friends, support, recovery, treatment, drug treatment, mental health
Take a moment to think about a friendship. We don’t necessarily mean your social media friends—though the word has come to be associated with a certain social media platform. We mean the people you call when you just want to hang out or when you need a favor or when you have something to celebrate...
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task, paralysis, to do, to do list, mental health
Most of the time, our to-do list is our friend, and not much of a paralysis. It helps us stay organized and on task. It gives us a place to prioritize projects. And crossing accomplished tasks off the list can be truly satisfying. But sometimes, our to-do list is a source of stress. This is...
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seasonal affective disorder, SAD, mental health, sad
Do you know about seasonal affective disorder? This time of year can feel like that old Simon & Garfunkel song: Hello, darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again. Few of us, however, would likely refer to the increased darkness of the season as an old friend. And for many of us,...
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breathing, deep breath, box breathing, therapy
All of us are breathing nearly all of the time. Breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide is something we do from the moment of birth to the moment of death. And most of the time, it is a fully automated process. That’s a good thing, to be sure. If we had to be...
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scrabble letters spell anxiety
Anxiety can be a part of everyday life. Worrying about money or family can sometimes leave you feeling a little anxious. However, when anxiety becomes overwhelming, it can cause concern. Those with anxiety struggle with a variety of everyday life factors. It’s not easy for those with anxiety disorders to act like everything is okay...
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physical well-being, mental health, mental illness, recovery
How Mental Health Affects Physical Well-Being The body is one whole, living, breathing organism — a system with different parts that are intricately connected. No wonder what goes on in our minds manifests itself in our bodies and vice versa. Of the two, our physical well-being seems to be easier to understand. Anything physical is...
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medical detox, detox, nurse, mental health hospital, therapy, rehab
Drug dependency and addiction can be challenging to overcome, and many times, individuals are unaware of the different approaches they can take to free themselves from the chains of substance abuse. Many looking for help in the world of substance abuse may come across references to drug detox or drug rehabilitation. And although used by...
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veterans, vets, military, flag, American, therapy, support, thanks
“Thank you for your service.” Speaking those words to a person who has served in the military is a respectful, patriotic thing to do. Vets who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms are, of course, entitled to our ongoing thanks. Taking the opportunity to express your appreciation is always an appropriate...
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young girl, worried, worry, anxiety, nervous, mental health
There is no shortage of things to worry about. Sometimes it can seem like the world is conspiring to keep us on edge all of the time. Maybe we have problems related to work, school, or our family. Maybe we’re concerned about political unrest and violence—close to home, across the country, or around the world....
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