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Pediatric Psychological Assessments: From Start to Finish

Pediatric Psychological Assessments: From Start to Finish

Date & Time:
April 10, 2024 from 1 to  4 pm

Peak Vista Community Health Center
1815 Jet Wing Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Megan Blair, PhD

Psychological assessments may be daunting for clients and clinicians. This presentation is designed to take you through the entire process, from start to finish. We will cover what to look for in clients that may suggest the need for assessments, to how to talk to your client about evaluations, and how to refer. We will then cover how bio-psycho-sociocultural factors can influence evaluation outcomes. In particular, trauma exposure can alter the brain, which in turn may affect their test scores. The final segment of the presentation is on what to do with the test scores when you get them back. How to understand your client’s areas of strength and where they may need support. We will discuss ways to recommend adaptations to your client’s environment based on their results. Everyone has a unique neuro-profile, we need to know how to support others so they can thrive to their fullest potential.


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