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Family Education

Family Services and Support

Each day, the Peak View Behavioral Health team fields phone calls from the relatives and friends of individuals who may be struggling with a substance use disorder, a mental health disorder, or both. We are always happy to receive these calls and to do our best to help those who want to help their loved ones make progress in doing so. 

We are always available to answer questions and provide guidance. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and remain open on major holidays. No referral is necessary to access Peak View Behavioral Health’s services.

And those services are not limited to those who are struggling with substances or mental health difficulties. We also offer services in support of family members of those who are facing difficulties.


Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders Impact Entire Families

We understand that when one person in a family is struggling, it is often the case that everyone in the family is struggling. Substance use and mental health disorders have an effect on everyone around the person who is directly experiencing these kinds of issues. Often, the family as a whole needs support to make changes that will provide a good foundation for recovery and ongoing wellness.

To that end, Peak View Behavioral Health provides educational support and information to help family members better understand the ways in which they can support their loved one. It can also be helpful if the person in treatment provides permission for family members to attend visiting hours at Peak View. This allows support systems to spend time with their loved one and to learn about their experiences as they develop strategies and acquire resources for a future that includes improved mental wellness, positive coping strategies, and healthy relationships.

One approach that helps many families is known as family systems therapy. The idea of family systems therapy is to discover the different ways each member of a family approaches difficulties or tries to help others. Bringing those approaches into alignment can provide benefits for everyone.

The process of getting everyone on the same page often requires some challenging conversations—maybe even some tense confrontations. As a result, our highly trained clinical team is a key component of the family systems therapy model. Our team works with all of the family members to discover better ways they might support one another going forward. Resolutions are sought for the issues that are undermining trust and healthy relationships. In the end, the entire family gains the tools and mutual trust necessary to move forward in positive ways that can help the family member who is in the process of rebuilding their life.

Peak View Behavioral Health can connect you with resources to ensure you find the right family systems therapist to help your entire family.

First Things First

Helping Your Loved One Decide to Get the Help They Need

Of course, Peak View Behavioral Health can only help the family of an individual of that individual agrees to pursue treatment for a mental health disorder, a substance use disorder, and both. To that end, we offer some tips for helping your loved one make the life changing decision to get the help they need.

  • In a calm and caring manner, explain to the person your reason for concern about their mental wellbeing or use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Be flexible and offer options. If your loved one does not want to seek out help today, ask if they would like to go next week or next month. Leave room to keep the conversation going in the future.
  • Be available to help support them. Offer to take them for an assessment at Peak View Behavioral Health and ask if they would like you to be present during the assessment.
  • Offer alternatives to our services. The most important thing is that your loved one gets treatment, so if they are not interested in or comfortable with Peak View, you can support their efforts to find another source of help.
  • Even if your efforts are rebuffed, consider joining a local support group for family members who work to support their loved ones who are struggling with mental health or substance use challenges.
  • Ask your loved one if they are thinking of killing themselves or ending their life. If you believe there may be immediate safety concerns, please bring them to Peak View immediately, contact 911, or bring them to the nearest emergency department.
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We Are Ready to Help Right Now.

For more information and support for your efforts to help a loved one, call us today.