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opioids girl drugs pills
Your use of opioids or painkillers probably started in a completely innocent manner. Maybe you were suffering with chronic pain or had major surgery. To help you manage the pain, your doctor may have prescribed an opioid. Your physician (and probably your pharmacist as well) no doubt urged you in no uncertain terms to strictly...
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military service man uniform
As the release of the long-awaited Top Gun: Maverick has amply demonstrated, many people have an appetite for exciting stories about the military. That’s understandable. After all, movies like Top Gun and its sequel are bursting with heroism and bravado and amazing feats of derring-do. Viewers get to imagine themselves as part of that group...
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man with anxiety
We all have plenty to worry about. Day in and day out, we have stressors at home, at work, in our communities, in our country, and around the world. Problems build on problems, and solutions are slow in coming. So it is only natural that many of us feel a sense of anxiety from time...
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digital illustration of two human heads and a man is coming out of one to water the other - growth mindset
Have you heard the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset”? They are in the air quite a bit these days. To be honest, both phrases sound like the worst kind of corporate jargon. “Well, boss, if we shift from our outdated fixed mindset approach to leveraging a best practice by making a growth mindset a...
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handsome brunette bearded young man sitting cross-legged on his bed while writing in a journal - keeping a journal
Imagine you are back in high school. Your English teacher has just revealed the next assignment: a five-paragraph essay on the book you most recently read in class (you read the book, right?). How do you feel about this assignment? Are you excited by the prospect of putting your thoughts down on paper? Are you...
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digital illustration of a woman coming out of a smart phone screen to hold an umbrella over a sad woman coming out of another smart phone screen - support for mental health disorders
Many people who struggle with mental health disorders feel a sense of shame or embarrassment. That is a natural result of the stigma that society has often attached to mental illness. Fortunately, that stigma is slowly but surely being met with common sense, respect, and kindness as more and more people recognize that mental health...
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cropped shot of upset teenage girl whose mom's hands are on her shoulders as she cries - child's mental health
The Overwhelming Nature of Life’s Decisions Sometimes you can know something with great certainty but still be wholly uncertain of how to proceed. Consider, for example, a job search. You may be absolutely certain that you are unhappy in your current position. Your boss might be difficult, your coworkers might be lazy, or your skills...
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troubled looking teenage girl sitting on a couch - Peak Navigation
The Chaos of the School Year Is Coming to a Close During the school year, it can feel like your family is just barely hanging on. Everyone is so busy all of the time. The adults have their jobs while the adolescents have homework and activities ranging from band performances and football games to debate...
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closeup of a jumbled stack of wooden alphabet letters - personalized care
A Blast from the Past If you happen to be a lover of music from bygone eras, you may be familiar with a couple of songs that have a somewhat unusual approach to their subjects. These songs involve more spelling than we usually expect in popular songs. Take, for example, “M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word That Means...
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