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Winter Symposium 2017

The Psychotherapy Associates Winter Symposium is taking place from January 29 to February 1 of 2017. This is the 43 rd annual symposium taking place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and will be four days of discussing various issues and topics such as addictive disorders, behavioral health and mental health challenges.

The overall purpose of this Winter Symposium is to improve the knowledge of health professionals and their overall ability to assess, treat and diagnose a host of mental and behavioral health issues better.

Those who are attending this event will be able to identify at least 5 different evidence-based diagnostic measures, practice gap reduction measures, psychosocial treatments, self-help care and adjunctive care interventions. You will be provided with a tremendous opportunity to improve your knowledge from a host of educational programs provided.

In addition, Dr. Greg Smith from Peak View Behavioral Health will be a presenter at this event as well. Peak View Behavioral Health is proud to be a part of the Psychotherapy Associates Winter Symposium, and looks forward to continue working together with other mental and behavioral health experts in the Colorado region for years to come.

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